The Steepest Climbs on the Mountain back to back.

Coronado, California , United States
37 mi



ft elev +


This is a collection of some of the best climbs that Mount Soledad has to offer. The route starts off with a warm-up climb in downtown right after you get off the ferry. The 5th ave Bike path takes you from downtown to Hillcrest. From Hillcrest you will take Lewis to Old Ft. Stockton and ride through Mission Hills and descend through Presidio Park. Next is the trudge up Mission bay past Fiesta Island (a great place for safe flat mileage) After you get past the Rose Creek trail and on garnet your going to turn right immediately on Pico. Pico continues through a neighborhood for several blocks before becoming Pacifica Drive (one of the steepest climbs in San Diego) Next you connect back onto Soledad Mountain Road (the mainstream climb) and go up another kicker before turning right on Desert View (gather as much downhill speed as possible to carry your self up the other side. Eventually you wind back on Soledad Mountain Road again. Continue to all the way to the top of the mountain and refill your waters before the next climbs. Start descending and take the second right after the park to go up Via Casa Alta. This street has beautiful views worth enjoying before taking the concrete descent. Use your downhill speed to swoop back up to the large driveway on the level pavement. To the left of the driveway is a grass patch and a gate. Go through the gate and pass through the property exiting the matching gate on the other end of the path. Now get ready for a insane descent. be careful. after much descending you will make a very sharp right turn onto Soledad Ave/Exchange Place. Make the next right onto Al Bahr Dr, Follow the road up the twisty troll bridge and turn right onto Crespo Dr. after you make it to the top of Crespo and start descending look to the right for Castallana Rd (comes up quick) roll through Castallana till you go down another troll bridge and link up with Hillside, turn right and get ready for our favorite climb on the mountain. Eventually the route will take you to a dead end road that has a gate you have to bypass to the left. The next 200 meters are unpaved and steep. Continue forward through the gate openings up the hiker only path until you pop out on Via Capri. Turn right onto the road and Take a left to go back to the cross again to get water and rest after that great climb. Getting back home is just as challenging as getting to the mountain, make sure you keep up on nutrition through the day and we recommend riding with daytime running lights.

use the gate to the left of the driveway