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Bicycle Brewery Tour

Dallas, Texas , United States
13 mi




ft elev +


The first brewery in Dallas was established in 2011 when Deep Ellum Brewing Company opened it’s doors by not playing by the rules. Local zoning laws classified breweries in the same category as chemical, plastics, paint, and insecticide manufacturing. Dallas city code categorized brew masters as the toxic bad boys trying to cause trouble in Dallas. That soon changed when a few other craft breweries entered the scene and made the city of Dallas realize breweries were essential to the revitalization of neighborhoods and made the city money. Thank goodness it did because there are some fine brews coming out of Dallas and we would really miss them. Since we mentioned Deep Ellum Brewing Company and it’s only a few blocks away from the shop, let’s start our ride there. Next stop is Community Brewery in the Design District. Community not only makes tasty beer, but they also have a cycling team. Ask the bartender how you can join a ride. From there you'll hop on the Trinity Strand Trail to make your way to Peticolas. This brewery doesn't can or bottle. You can only find their beer at the brewery or a local bar. Last on the brewery tour by bicycle is our next door neighbor Braindead Brewery. Braindead is a little different from the other locations because it’s a gastropub. Along with beer brewed on site, they have a legit selection of rotating craft beers. Now is the time to order food with your beer. Just don’t order a Miller Lite, or they will ask you to leave.