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Boulder path loop

Boulder, Colorado , United States
5.9 mi




ft elev +


Check out the Boulder Creek Path, Foothills Parkway Path + the Goose Creek Path and then loop back downtown following Edgewood and 13th Streets. You'll get to experience some of the great places to ride in Boulder and see what makes our City Ratings Network score one of the highest in the country. This Classic Route is a great option for a family ride and folks looking to test ride a new bike in a safe place.
You'll pass the beautiful Boulder Dushanbe Teahouse on your way out.
Enjoy the ride along the Boulder Creek Path going in and out of the shade next to the water.
Signage along the way is robust, so you know you'll be on the right track.
Make sure to find some fun murals along the way!
You'll see more than enough beautiful views along the way. Take some of your own photos and share them on your ride story!