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Ride to Carbon Neutral — Electric Bicycle
We know that electric bicycles are one of the most powerful tools to help lower your carbon emissions, but we also know the manufacturing of an e-bike isn’t without its own climate impact. On average, it takes 508 miles of riding your electric bike to offset its carbon footprint. Join the Ride to Carbon Neutral Challenge and watch those miles fly by as you pedal your way to a better planet. Replacing a car trip with a bike ride? Make sure to select “Commute” under “Ride Category” when saving your ride on Ride Spot. Every mile counts!

Start date
Sep 22, 2022
End date
Jan 01, 2024
Distance goal
0/ 508
Days remaining

Riders who complete the Challenge will receive a 3x3” die-cut sticker from PeopleForBikes.
When you complete the Challenge, instructions will be provided on how to redeem your reward.