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2 Days On 2 Wheels - Providence - Day 2

East Providence, Rhode Island , United States
16 mi




ft elev +


2 Days On 2 Wheels Providence
Welcome back for our second day of 2 Days on 2 Wheels exploring Providence, Rhode Island! Providence participated in PeopleForBikes’ Final Mile program, which set out to accelerate the construction of safe, connected bike networks in five cities across the U.S. Providence constructed 43 miles of new bikeways under their Great Streets Initiative, with 22 more miles planned for 2022. 
The East Bay Bike Path.
Today’s ride features a whole lot of amazing pedaling on Providence’s recreational bike paths. First up is the East Bay Bike Path, the first multi-town bike path built in Rhode Island. The trail follows the former Providence and Bristol Railroad — you can still see the old tracks along several parts of the ride. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can follow the entire 14.5-mile path from India Point Park in Providence to Independence Park in Bristol, with plenty of great views along the way.
Picture perfect views form the bridge.
After exploring the East Bay Bike Path, we made our way back towards the heart of the city to cross the Providence Pedestrian Bridge. Opened in 2019, the bridge connects green spaces on the east and west side of the riverfront and offers easily one of the best views of the Providence skyline. 
Stuffies with a view.
A short ride away from the Pedestrian Bridge is Hot Club, a classic Providence waterfront bar and restaurant offering up quintessential New England charm, food and drink. A must-try on their menu of tasty bites is the “stuffie,” a stuffed quahog clam served on the open shell. Be sure to grab a drink and a stuffie while you take in the sights across the harbor, including the three smokestacks of the Manchester Street Generating Station, a famous landmark on Providence’s skyline.
After a quick bite at Hot Club, we embarked on a little sightseeing tour of Providence. Our first stop was the Rhode Island State House, a site of several significant political and legislative actions in the state’s history. In this building, Rhode Island renounced allegiance to the British Crown on May 4, 1776, make it the first of the thirteen colonies to do so.
Is that The Daily Planet?
Next up is one of the most impressive silhouettes on the Providence Skyline, the Industrial National Bank Building, better known by locals as the Superman Building. The structure coined its nickname for its striking image of the fictional Daily Planet building from the Superman comic and TV series. 
Located in the center of Downtown Providence, the Arcade stands as the oldest indoor mall in America, built in 1828. 
Rounding out our architectural tour, we rode through Brown University, one of Providence’s eight colleges and universities. Defined by classic red brick buildings and rolling green quads covered with students taking a break between classes, this Ivy Leaguer is the perfect place to pedal through and take in the views.
Continuing our rec path journey, we pedaled along the Woonasquatucket (say that three times fast) River Greenway, exploring the neighborhood of Olneyville. 30% of Olneyville homes do not own a car, making this area an important focus for the city’s efforts to improve bicycle mobility. A small stretch on San Souci Drive was named one of PeopleForBikes’ best new bikeways in 2020 for linking locals with where they need to go safely and conveniently.
Nearby, we stopped by the Steel Yard, a metalworking shop and hangout for local artists. Steel Yard produces many of the bike racks you’ll see around Providence, as well as hosts courses for those interested in learning welding, blacksmithing, jewelry and ceramics. Right next door is the Industrious Spirit Company, a local distillery, and across the street is Revival Brewing and Lost Valley Pizza, home to some delicious beers and homemade woodfired pizza. 
Before leaving the Olneyville area, we made a quick visit to Riffraff, a local bookstore and coffee shop. If you’re looking to pick up a new book or just want a quiet place to grab a coffee, definitely stop in at Riffraff.
To round out our day, and celebrate adventuring around a new town entirely on two wheels, we decided to grab dinner at El Ninja, a Japanese-Latin fusion restaurant. Featuring sushi, poke, seafood and more with a tasty Latin twist, our meal was easily the culinary highlight of our 48 hours in Providence. If you’re in the mood for some of the most unique sushi in Rhode Island, El Ninja should be at the top of your list. 

We hoped you enjoyed riding along with us for 2 Days on 2 Wheels in Providence, Rhode Island! ​​Where is your favorite place to bike in Providence? Have you checked out any of our spots or are there ones we missed? Let us know in the comments below!