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Choosing Winter

Ward, Colorado , United States
January 18, 2017
5.9 mi



ft elev +


One of the aspects of living in the front range that I am really stoked on is one's ability to choose the weather they want to have that day. Often times it will be warm down in Denver and snowing just an hour drive uphill. This morning, Jon, Levi and I ventured up to Brainard Lake, just over 10,000 feet elevation, to do some exploring on fat bikes. 
I have a lot of years riding fat bikes, but I had never experienced anything like today. The snow would be packed in a trail by snow shoes and skiers, with four feet of powder off to the sides. At one point I fell through into a hole, which was really a small tree covered by snow that had acted as an umbrella. This made the surface look flat and smooth, but left an open void which can swallow a human whole. 

Learning new things all the time. 
The silence was incredible. Besides snow having the innate ability to dampen sounds, we were removed from any populated area. I remarked how awesome winter camping up there would be, especially on a clear night. 
Some really cold fog rolled in, and visibility dropped significantly. It added to the ambiance. Rolling past road signs that were level with our feet also reminded us how deep the foundation we rode on was. 
Gather friends and bikes and go get lost in the woods. 




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