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A Ramble 'Round Harrisonburg, VA with Lindsey Carpenter

Harrisonburg, Virginia , United States
41 mi



ft elev +


Took my new Warbird out for its first proper gravel ride! I rode northeast of my house to some of the most favored roads of many cyclists in the Harrisonburg area, Mountain Valley, Indian Trail, and Delwebb Drive. A 40-mile figure eight with an out and back on a two-mile climb. Lots of rolling roads, thick gravel sections, dog-chase intervals, and some warm weather. I wore my new 45NRTH gloves, but had to shed them about an hour in as it warmed up from 35 degrees to 55! The cows in the glove photo were only few of a massive herd of un-fenced grass is greener seekers.
The Warbird handles gravel beautifully, and really cruises on pavement - even with the bigger Rambler tires. The gravel, 1000-ft climb I slummed up is surrounded by part of the Western Slope mountain bike trail system at Massanutten. I especially wanted to get to the top to see the view of the resort in the daylight, as riding access at the Western Slopes is limited to Sundays and nighttime during hunting season.
Overlooking the ski slopes and bike park at Massanutten Resort. Definitely a good reward for getting to the top!! Besides getting to ride back down on the gravel eater that is the Warbird...
Lindsey Carpenter is a Salsa Sponsored Rider. You can learn more about her here: