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Kiya: One Ride at a Time-A Climate Solution

Arvada, Colorado , United States
5.7 mi




ft elev +


Meet Kiya!
Ride Story by Michael DeHerrera, PeopleForBikes digital content creator | Photos by Natalie Starr, Photographer 

Kiya currently lives in Arvada, Colorado and works in Denver’s RiNo (River North) neighborhood. She has owned a vehicle off and on but prefers to commute by bike. She was raised on rainy Vancouver Island in British Columbia and made the move to Colorado in 2016. Since then, she has replaced most of her car trips with her bike. She loves zipping around her local mountain bike paths and taking the loop up nearby Lookout Mountain. Also a fan of bikepacking, you can catch Kiya using her bike as a means to stay healthy and strong. Let’s join her for a ride to the trailhead from her home! 
Routine bike check before Kya heads out
We started off our ride by meeting up with Kiya at her home. First things first, Kiya inspects her bike and makes sure it’s ready for another day of mountain biking. Her route to the trailhead will consist of bike baths and riding along the shoulder of the street. After a quick tire pump up, she is ready to roll out. 
A start in the neighborhood, next stop… North Table Mountain
Our route starts off with dedicated bike lanes making for a nice ride
As we zip along and start off our route we ask Kiya… What is your advice to a new rider who wants to replace car trips with bike rides? 

“Keep it simple. I am a firm believer that if you have a bike that works and you ride it, you are a cyclist!  Start out with small trips and work your way up to longer ones. Reach out to other folks who ride often for tips and tricks!”
The route quickly became more scenic.
Many years prior to her move to Colorado, Kiya had plenty of experience riding on the street and preparing for rides. She was excited to ditch Vancouver Island’s necessary rain gear and enjoy the beautiful riding conditions of Colorado. This is a great time to learn what helped Kiya make the initial decision to ride a bike more instead of commuting by car.

“I didn't own a car for several years before I moved to Colorado. What started out as a means to get around soon turned into a passion, a part of my life that keeps me feeling healthy, grounded and focused. I do own a car now, but I spend most of my free time on two wheels. Whether it's bombing down rowdy singletrack or a chilly winter commute to work in RiNo, I really do just love riding bikes!”
A nice simple route to the North Table trailhead makes it a leisurely road ride before the excitement of the mountain.

How does it make you feel knowing that you are contributing to a greater good and combating climate change by cycling instead of driving?

Biking in general just makes me feel so darn good. It's a great way to be healthier in body and mind, and healthier, happier people definitely make the world a brighter place. I think it's great that we can all contribute to making our planet a bit healthier by riding our bikes! 
Arriving at the trailhead
Eager to get on the mountain trails we asked Kiya our final question: Why do you bike everywhere?

“It just feels so darn good!  It's also the best way to see the world — from two wheels!”
“I love bikes. Chasing friends around the mountains on singletrack is probably my favorite.”