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gravel city-sub24

Emporia, Kansas , United States
October 22, 2016
19 mi




ft elev +


the gravel tribe gathering at Gravel City. listening to instructions given to use by our own Adam Blake.
cant beat the kansas weather we have for our sub24. as kansans know the weather can be very unpredictable
the crew heading to lyon county fishing lake for the sub24
tent city-thanks for the pic Pat Gladd
appetizers while the water is boiling for the grub
there were many different cooking setups from vargo, msr, and jetboil. these helped us cook up the multiple flavors of Backpackers Pantry meals to let everyone try out. be sure to check them out they are pretty tasty!!
the casual cyclist over seeing the cooking and consuming of the grub.
nothing better than a good fire to stir up conversations and get to know one another.
after all the story telling and everybody retiring back to their caves for the overnight slumber there was nothing like waking up to another gorgeous kansas sunrise to get the day started.
youve got to start the day off right with brewing up some coffee. had the privilege to purchase and try out this coffee slow drip and boy did it do its job. and by the way you can pick this beauty up from Gravel City Adventure and Supply
getting all packed up and ready to head home. had a variety of bike ls and setups. with this being the shops first sub24 we welcomed all levels. we even had a sag vehicle bring out gear for the folks just starting out.
another bike camping rig
fargo and cutthroat cheesing it up
the crew posing for the post sub24 pic. itching to get out and crush some kansas gravel
Just to wrap it all up want to give a huge shout out to my good friends at Gravel City Adventure and Supply for providing all the nutrition and tasty meals for the evening and all the good people that made the trip out for the first of many bike camping trips.   Also shout out to my lovely wife for taking time out to be the shuttle for getting gear out to this camp site for all the first timers.  Also to my good buddy Adam Blake for getting everything set into motion for this to happen.  I really hope this continues to grow ,  its pretty cool to look back and see 23 riders loaded down with some sort of gear on their bikes headed out to have a great time.  Until the next time my friends.  Keep an eye out for future trips!! Also make sure to stop in and say hey to the great folks at Gravel City for all things outdoor related. #unlearnpavement #gravelcityadventures #thisisgravel #graveltribe 




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