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DK x ENVE Challenge | Asheville

Biltmore Forest, North Carolina , United States
44 mi



ft elev +


The Bent to Blues ride started as a way for a bunch of riders, racers, and friends affiliated with Asheville Cyclocross to get in a little friendly competition along the challenging dirt roads between Asheville and Brevard. 
Beginning at Liberty Bicycles in South Asheville, riders can warm up along the meandering grades of the Blue Ridge Parkway heading West before turning right off the pavement at a popular runner’s trailhead (look for parked cars along the side of the Parkway) into Bent Creek Experimental Forest a little over a mile-and-a-half past the turn-off to Brevard Road/HWY 191. 
Once in Bent Creek, the gravel doubletrack begins in earnest heading downhill to a junction at about mile 8-1/2. Bearing left, the route ascends up and around a closed Forest Service gate and follows South Ridge in Bent Creek gaining and losing elevation all the way to Bent Creek Gap Road at another closed Forest Service gate. A left hand turn on Bent Creek Gap Road and a seemingly endless steep grade brings the rider up to a short tunnel under the Blue Ridge Parkway at Bent Creek Gap. 
This is a good place to take in some much deserved snacks and water before turning right and descending Wash Creek Road. Currently, Wash Creek Road/FS5000 is gated and closed to motor vehicle thru traffic, but open to cyclists which makes the upcoming descent all the more enjoyable as riders do not have to worry about overcooking a corner and ending up as a hood ornament. The descent begins steep and twisty as tight corners wind the rider downhill quickly, but eventually the road straightens and mellows out. Take note, once the rider passes a Forest Service Road on the left (FS5001) they will quickly come upon another closed gate that marks the end of the closed portion of Wash Creek Road. It is easiest to go around this gate to the left, but once around, the road steepens a bit, levels, and eventually descends turning back to pavement. Once on the pavement, check your speed as a stop sign will quickly approach at North Mills Road. A right-hand turn at North Mills will take the rider through the campground (a bathroom with potable water is immediately on the left) and back to gravel after crossing the short bridge over Mills River where the road becomes Yellow Gap Road/FS1206.
The route then begins a three-plus mile rutted and chunky gravel climb up to Yellow Gap. If you didn’t stop in North Mills Campground for a quick break, once you hit Yellow Gap, you have earned a rest! Once past Yellow Gap, the route descends for a bit in loose gravel and gains and loses elevation at a less alarming rate along HWY1206, the gateway to many sacred Pisgah mountain bike epics, all the way to paved HWY 276. 
Take a left on HWY 276 and descend less than a mile to the graveled FS477, on the left just past the Cradle of Forestry. A short, but steep climb on FS477 brings the rider to Bennett Gap and the beginning of a nearly six mile gravel descent in recently added chunky gravel... but at least the deep ruts in every corner have been filled in. Once you reach HWY 276 once again, you can loosen the death-grip on your bars and relax as the rest of the ride is on smoothly paved roads.
A left on HWY 276 takes you to a major intersection at HWY 64. Bear right and look for the multi-use path that crosses just before Ecusta Road. Follow the path turning left the three times you can turn all the way to Oskar Blues Parking Lot and feel totally justified in ordering a can or two or three (who’s gonna judge) of some fine crafted brew!
Route created by Kevin Hessler / Liberty Bicycles
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By completing any DK x ENVE Challenge, you will be entered to win one of two ENVE wheelsets. We will be contacting winners in the first week of November.

Challenge details

Start date

Sunday, October 1, 2017

End date

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

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Challenge award

When you complete the Asheville Challenge, you can visit Liberty Bicycles in Asheville to pick up a custom "I (bike) AVL" patch! By completing any DK ENVE Challenge, you will be entered to win one of two ENVE wheelsets. We will be contacting winners in the first week of November.