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Bog View

Lubec, Maine , United States
October 25, 2016
11 mi



ft elev +


Fall is in the air and that means beautiful rides across the border into Canada and the provincial park on Campbello Island.  Today we went exploring to find a bit of gravel and some single track.  The fog was thick as we crossed the bridge onto the island but once into the woods of the park, we had the place to ourselves.
The park itself is a serious of interconnected gravel 'carriage roads', initially built during the days when Roosevelt summered on the island.  Now the roads serve as a means for cars and bikes to explore the park and visit a serious of beaches and remote points that look out over the Bay of Fundy.
Classic East Coast rooted single track with gnarly roots and slippery vegetation.
Thick fog greeted us as we crossed back over the Narrows and into Maine.


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