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Tour des Dentistes!

Dunwoody, Georgia , United States
May 28, 2021
11 mi




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I’m currently in the process of choosing a new dentist. I could have done research via computer or car, but what fun would that have been? Sounds like a good opportunity for a bike ride! Note: I probably rode by 15 dentist offices (and went into a handful of them). The photos shown are just a sample. FYI, there was literally no bike parking anywhere (including in several entire shopping centers — how are we supposed to sink our teeth into bike riding without sufficient bike racks in this city?).  (My previous dentist, in Midtown Atlanta, had two bike racks in separate spots, both covered from rain. I'm not in Atlanta five days a week as I used to be, so I want a dentist closer to home.)
I found where the Shop Local signs live when they are not out and about identifying local places to support! I'm excited to find a local dentist today!
This one may be the winner. It's only a mile from my house, they take my insurance, they require masks in the waiting room, and there's a pole in the parking lot. Do I ask for a lot? I didn't let this quick find get in the way of an extra 10-miles, however!
LOL. There are like eight of these. What on earth were they thinking?
The only pole. Nope. Ain't gonna do it. Unfortunately, that means this dentist is off the list. (There is a railing nearby I sometimes use for bike parking when I mail a package at UPS or pick up something at the Italian market but I would be uncomfortable leaving my bike there for the length of time of a dentist visit.)
The greenhouse and barn at the community garden in the park through which I rode to get from one biz district to another on a multiuse path. (Note: no 7 a.m. or late afternoon appointments if I intend to go this way as the path is closed from dusk to dawn.)
This Wishing Tree is on the front lawn of one of the homeowners in a neighborhood I pass. It's sweet. I chose to do my daily Leap of Faith here, and I look forward to the day when riding a bike does not require one.
Wonder Woman hanging from the Wishing Tree. Am I really such a Wonder Woman riding a bike a few miles? Why don't I see one other person on a bike? Hundreds, if not thousands, of cars pass me. Did you know that the majority of car trips are under 3 miles?
I made an appointment here, too, but they don't take my insurance and they are allowing people to be mask-free in the waiting room. But the hygienist was very pleasant — and nice pole!
Hi, little friend at the library! You go! I'll see you, as usual, on Voting Day. In the meantime, I'm voting with my pedals and dollars!
This place has a sign saying to text from your car. I like the strict protocols, but would I be stuck outside on my bike in the rain?
I putzed around at this historic farmhouse, now a park. It's a great place to take a bike break, and there are rocking chairs under outdoor ceiling fans but I can't reach the pull cords! I may need to buy some longer ones and donate them.
Every sense is heightened when on bike. The air hung so thick today with the heavy fragrance of magnolia. I stopped to see some up close, how their seeds spill out, and noticed this one is in a later life stage and how beautiful it looked. (Like me?)
There are lots of no parking signs. But no bike parking anywhere. That was gonna be part of the criteria I used to choose a new dentist office but unfortunately that's not a differentiator.
It's nice how easy it is to stop and support a local business when you're Traveling at the Speed of Bike. (Let's not mention that coffee stains teeth during my Tour de Dentists, ok?)




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