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MLK Jr. Outdoor Learning Trail

Columbus, Georgia , United States
May 13, 2021
5.6 mi




ft elev +


This route traces five markers that are part of the MLK Jr. Outdoor Learning Trail along the the Dragonfly Trail Network. The markers each recall history related to the civil rights movement as it happened in Columbus, GA.

Even though this map shows the route beginning in downtown Columbus, the trail doesn't actually start until the first marker at the intersection of MLK Jr. Blvd and 10th Ave. There isn't a convenient entrance at that spot, so it's probably easier to start your ride anywhere along 10th Street and follow that to where the trail begins. If you start downtown, there are bike rental shops and plenty of car parking space too.

Be aware: As you approach MLK Jr. Blvd from 10th Street, you will cross some train tracks (which are safe, but bumpy) and an intersection with heavy car traffic (which is less safe). To make the crossing more awkward, the trail begins on the left after the intersection. Be prepared to make a left turn and merge onto the sidewalk.

Once you're on the Dragonfly Trail, then the ride should be smooth and pleasant. Each historic marker is easy to spot, and you'll get to see some public mural art too.

The MLK Jr. Outdoor Learning Trail actually contains six more markers past this route. Unfortunately, the Dragonfly Trail is not complete yet, so these markers are not easily accessible by bicycle or by foot. Since there isn't any trail or bike lanes to protect riders from the heavy car traffic, nor even a complete sidewalk, then I don't recommend following those markers from here. Hopefully the trail will be completed in the near future.




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