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PVD Vegan Tour

Providence, Rhode Island , United States
9.4 mi




ft elev +


Providence has long held a reputation as a top culinary destination with something for everyone. The city’s vegan dining scene continues to grow and evolve to offer all types of plant-based fare to satisfy any craving! Just shy of 9.5 miles, this route will take you to some of the most well-known stops for vegan treats.
Grab a coffee and a scratch-make pastry from Blush Bakeshop before taking off on your adventure. About a half mile away is The Grange, which is perfect for weekend brunch with both vegetarian and vegan options.
Now head over the Providence Pedestrian Bridge on your way to Plant City. Take a seat inside or outside for a meal at the world’s first plant-based vegan food hall or grab something to go from the marketplace.
Pro tip: If you’re planning on eating your way through this route, make sure to pace yourself as there are plenty of tasty treats! Remember, you can always head back for seconds.
 Next, continue into the Fox Point neighborhood and stop for a delicious frozen treat from Like No Udder, a 100% vegan ice cream shop. Choose from a rotating selection of house-made dairy-free scooped ice cream in addition to soft serve and shakes.

The final leg of the route will take you just across the Providence line and into Pawtucket to visit Garden Grille and Wildflour. Located right next door to each other, Garden Grille offers a variety of vegetarian and vegan meals while Wildflour’s bakery and juice bar is the perfect place to rest up before heading back into the Capital City.