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Maximum Updrive

Mountain View, California , United States
October 25, 2016
46 mi




ft elev +


Nothing secret here to locals but, if you're from out of town and want an incredibly scenic ride that will test your climbing legs, this is a great option. You'll roll through Portola Valley to start, which on the weekend is like a bike parade. You'll climb up the famous Old La Honda climb through redwoods on truly perfect pavement. Pay no mind to the street sign for Upenuf Rd. There's still more climbing and you're just scratching the surface.

You'll crest at the mailboxes on Skyline Drive and this is where the first bit of real descending fun begins. You'll blast down the backside of the range with some amazing views to the ocean. The turns on this side are all sweeping and the pavement is good so let go and hang on. 

Old La Honda descent will drop you off on 84 where you'll get some wide open, high speed drop down to La Honda. IMPORTANT: stop at the General Store on the right and get an Egg La Honda sandwich. Mind blown.

From here you'll descend a little more, make some turns, and begin your climb up the backside of the range on Alpine Rd. This is the climb that never ends. Sometimes steep and punchy, sometimes mellow and cruising, a little slap, a little tickle. Take your time here because the views are insane and the traffic is minimal. Redwoods will greet you and guide at the bottom until you climb out of the fog line into golden low grass peaks with spotty shrubs and gigantic views. 

Once you cross back over Skyline Drive you'll start to get the turns you earned on Page Mill Road. The descent is fast, with sharp turns and periods of not so great pavement. Even more distracting is the fact that the views just don't quit. Page Mill Rd will take you back down to the valley and this ride will take you, ultimately, through Los Altos. There are tons of good places to eat and drink here. Stop and libate. Satura Cakes is a great place to get your sweet on too. 

Why I love this ride: The views, the challenge, the redwoods, virtually no traffic. Nuff said.  
Redwoods on Old La Honda
Whoever named this road must have just given up. There's still climbing to do.
Views from the descent on Old La Honda
More descent on Old La Honda
Talismans or did MF Doom come through here?
Got your Egg La Honda on and be someone's hero.
Great place for a mid-ride beer if that's your thing. I wouldn't know. Someone told me.
Views from upper Alpine Rd
Feast thine eyes upon the beauty of Alpine Rd




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