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Alsea Falls Big MTB Loop - Oregon

Alsea, Oregon , United States
9.6 mi




ft elev +


Alsea Falls mountain bike trails are located 2.5 hours Southwest of Portland, Oregon and just 45 minutes Southwest of Corvallis, Oregon.  

Just outside of the Siuslaw National Forest, in a beautiful coastal forest on BLM land, this network of trails has a traditional road climb leading you to all the downhill goods. There are multiple options to climb the road and drop into several trails via the access road along the way.  The big loop covers nearly all of them. You can expect to be watched by the Welcoming Gnomes from Team Dirt, who are scattered throughout the magical forest along the singletrack. 

Laura Schmitt making friends with one of Team Dirt's Welcoming Gnomes.

Riding the “Big Loop” at Alsea is pretty straight forward and totals about 9.5 miles with 1,962’ of elevation gain. Start by climbing 2.5 miles up the Falls Creek access road that begins paved but turns to gravel midway, taking a slight right on Rd 27 all the way to the top. The single track up top begins on Misery Whip, a fun flowy and bermy jump trail. Don’t let the jump part scare you, as all the jumps are also rollable. If big air is your game, this is a great place for it. 

Trailhead tools for last minute adjustments—always a nice amenity!

Once you hit the road crossing you have a choice to take the trail left to climb Whistle Punk back to the road for another top loop on Misery Whip, or continue across the road and down left to Upper Whistle Punk—a fast but technical trail with interspersed sections of rocks and roots. From there, you will hit another access road that will lead you directly into Sexy Tree, where you can expect lots of tight turns and roots on a more moderately graded trail, with a mix of tight tree sections which start to open up lower down with smoother single track and berms. 

Nothing beats good trails in good company.

After you spit off Sexy Tree out onto another access road, you want to climb the road left up a short rocky section and this will lead you into Upper High Baller where you can expect more roots and a series of quick drops. Another access road breaks up Upper HB and leads you right into Lower High Baller. It’s fun to open it up a bit here as the trail becomes more flowy, and you can expect some bigger turns and berms. 

Let the flow begin!

High Baller crosses yet another access road turning into Springboard. As the name suggests this trail has a springy, flowy feel to it that will leave you feeling like you are riding an endless pumptrack through the beautiful lush forest. This is the most playful trail in the loop with little to no braking needed.  

Stay left at the bottom intersection of Springboard to Dutchman for an easy roll out cruise back to the main parking area for a beer and trail snack or start up the road for another loop.

–Laura Schmitt—PEARL iZUMi Crew | IG: @lauraschmitty