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Ambassador C.C.'s "Take a Healthy Ride on the Northside" Ride

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania , United States
2.0 mi




ft elev +


“Take a Healthy Ride on the Northside” is a ride that took place in the Northside area of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  The Northside is located north of the Allegheny River and the Ohio River.  The Northside is comprised of many little neighborhoods such as North Shore, Spring Garden, Troy Hill, and Observatory Hill, just to name a few.  Many of the individuals who live on the Northside have access to the stadiums, casino, museums, and new up and coming restaurants.  At any given day you can see residents participating in block parties, watching fireworks, restoring building, and just relaxing on their front porch.  This ride captured some great spots of the Northside all while riding a Healthy Ride bike.  The ride began at the bike station near Community College of Allegheny County (CCAC) on Ridge Avenue.  I was joined by Healthy Ride Director of Marketing and Community Outreach, Erin Potts.
We began riding down Ridge Avenue and then headed to Western Avenue where we were able to stop at Happy Day Dessert Factory, a black owned business right on the Northside.  Happy Day Dessert Factory is owned by 20 year old, Galen Moorer Jr. His love of ice cream led him to opening this shop that has more than 50 flavors of house-made, hand-packed hard ice cream.  If you are every on the Northside, visit Western Avenue and you will see a building with a big smiley face.
After visiting for ice cream, we rode through Northside Park and soaked in the sun and enjoyed the beautiful scenery.  From the park we made our way past the National Aviary and then looped back around and headed back to the CCAC campus.  It was definitely a Healthy Ride on the Northside and we were able to enjoy the beauties of this neighborhood.  Of course, it wouldn’t be a Healthy Ride without a selfie!