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Parks Ride: Schenley Park

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania , United States
3.9 mi




ft elev +


Schenley Park offers a wide selection of ride options to suite any occasion, and you can enter the park from several different points. For our route, we decided to meet at Healthy Ride's station at Schenley Dr & Schenley Plaza, right next to the Carnegie Library (Main). 
Healthy Ride station at Schenley Dr & Schenley Plaza
After crossing Schenley Drive using the crosswalk, we made a LEFT onto the beautiful bike lane, cruising by Phipps Conservatory, Flagstaff Hill, and crossing Panther Hollow Bridge. After the bridge, we followed the bike lane into the parking lot just before the playground to link up with the trail that runs the permitter of this section. We used the trail to swoop around and make a U-turn that took us back to the playground and back on the bike lane to re-trace our steps across Panther Hollow Bridge. 
Panther Hollow Bridge
Carefully make a RIGHT on Schenley Drive. There's no signal for this maneuver, so we recommend using the crosswalk and signaling your turn into traffic. This turn is the start of the climb portion of this ride through Schenley Park! 
Schenley Dr. Fall Foliage
Make a RIGHT on W Circuit Rd, and we made a quick stop at the Westinghouse Memorial, a bronze and granite statue commemorating George Westinghouse, engineer and inventor, The Memorial is situated alongside an idyllic pond filled with wildlife and some beautiful scenery. It's also a great spot to relax for a minute and catch your breath before the ride up the hill!
Westinghouse Memorial
When you're done taking in the serenity of the pond, take the climb up W Circuit Rd; slow and steady wins the race on a Healthy Ride bike. Use those gears! It a quiet road with lots of cyclists making loops through the park, taking you through a densely wooded area that made for an awesome ride to look at the Fall colors in the foliage. You'll also pass through the golf coarse if that's your thing! We chose to make a U-turn at Serpentine Dr and coast back down the hill. If you keep going, you'd make your way into the Squirrel Neighborhood for more hills! For us, the ride down W Circuit Rd was a fun, rewarding cruise!
Fall Foliage in Schenley Park
Make a RIGHT at the light to follow Schenley Dr, and carefully make your way across the intersection to put yourself back into the bike lane for your cruise back to the Healthy Ride station. 
Bike lane on Schenley Dr.