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Ambassador H3C's "What's The Fuss" Ride

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania , United States
3.3 mi




ft elev +


Well we took a ride along East Liberty Blvd to get a one-on-one of the fuss along the Blvd. Here is the Fuss. Motor vehicles have for years cruised, raced, weaved in-and-out and parked along the Blvd and one day the two lanes are down to one with a “bike lane,” where did the; get out the way, cruise, park, race lane go. At the corner of E. Liberty Blvd. and Broad Street drivers now must merge to one lane. My, my what a fuss. Eventually drivers will get use to it; but bikers beware “Stay In Our Lane”.
Along East Liberty Blvd we rode to the Negley Run to enjoy the down-hill ride on our way to the newly completed Washington Blvd bike trail. The Negley Run trek was great, not much peddling needed. What a great ride for “Baby Boomers” who want to enjoy the cruise down-hill. Our younger volunteers enjoyed it. Be careful there’s not much bike lane space and it is still due to some much needed upgrades in the bike lane. Looking forward to that.
Once we connected to the Washington Blvd trail along the City of Pittsburgh fire training area and Zone 5 we came to the wonderful bike trail loop. Great paving, easy riding for individuals of all ages, bikers of all levels; of course, some did ride the loop in slower time than others; but it is a wonderful, safe trail for all. The return ride to Negley; well this “Baby Boomer” had to take it easy. The entire route was enjoyable and well worth the get off the couch and go out and take a ride. It was worth checking out the fuss.