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Pedal to the Polls

Longmont, Colorado , United States
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There’s less than two weeks until the 2020 election — it’s time to make your voice heard.
It was a beautiful fall morning. After filling out our ballots, my roommate Colleen and I headed out to the Boulder County Clerk in Longmont, CO.
Each election season, many of us have the opportunity to affect change. Whether its the worsening impacts of Climate Change, the devastating toll of a global pandemic, the continued violence wrought by state sanctioned systems of oppression, a widening wealth gap, or the numerous issues currently embattling our collective well being, many of us have the opportunity to help steer our path for the future through voting. 
Signs posted around Longmont help guide voters to nearby ballot drop off locations.
One of the most important ways you can help enact immediate change is by being engaged with your local elections. The more voters participate in local elections, the more policies can become responsive to the needs of the public.
We made it!
Check out our list of pro-bike measures ( to see what cities, counties and states are hoping to make new investments in bicycle infrastructure.
Make your voice heard this election season - VOTE!
Join us in Pedaling to the Polls this election season and share your story with us on Ride Spot!

- Isaac Novak
PeopleForBikes Content + Design Coordinator