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RAGBRAI Roadshow - Wabash Trace Nature Trail

Council Bluffs, Iowa , United States
19 mi




ft elev +


Why Roadshow on a Thursday? Because the world's oldest, longest, and largest cross-state bike ride is joining the world's oldest, longest, and largest weekly bike ride - the Thursday Night Taco Ride! 
Please be sure to bring your lights and helmet, and to pay trail fees if you haven't already!
Ride this route any time you like, but the Roadshow will be in Mineola 9/17 from 4-8pm. We'll be joined just outside Tobey Jack's Steakhouse by Pork Belly Ventures, Thirsty Pigs, and the Team No Pie Refused bus! 
We recommend that all riders follow normal social distancing guidelines and wear a mask or face covering at appropriate times.
Most people show up to start the taco ride between 4 and 6pm. We will see you in Mineola! 
Thanks to all the Virtual RAGBRAI Riders who submitted photos for this route! Jeff E, Carey J, Tony H, and Jamie P!