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Mural Bike Racks while Traveling at the Speed of Bike

Atlanta, Georgia , United States
6.0 mi




ft elev +


This route will take you past 6 of the 18 mural bike racks painted by local artists in the City of Atlanta. I start you on the corner of Irwin and Sampson, in the Old Fourth Ward. Just up Sampson a hair, you'll find the Atlanta Bicycle Barn, where you can rent a bike (including an ebike). Just down Irwin a hair (toward Krog Street), there's a Relay Bikeshare station. Note: to find that second mural bike rack, veer off the Atlanta Beltline at the restaurant Parish and the bike rack is just across the street (N. Highland) on the other side. Then come back onto the Atlanta Beltline to continue. (Fun fact: Parish is right after an underpass that is painted by the artist BlackCatTips, whose mural bike rack is on this route!)

On this tour, you will travel a short while on the Atlanta Beltline and then on the Freedom Parkway PATH (completely separated from motor vehicles in both instances). There are other times when you are in the street with motor vehicle traffic. Some of those times are pleasant residential spots (in Candler Park and Inman Park), but two of those times you may choose to walk your bike on the sidewalk for a short while — on McClendon in Candler Park (very shady), and on Euclid in the business area of Little Five Points (very interesting) (note: it gets more comfortable to ride in the street on Euclid once you pass the Horizon Theater). Also, when you cross Moreland from Euclid, walk your bike in the crosswalk to the right of you. 

Check out this link from the City of Atlanta for info about the artists in the mural bike rack collection: Many additional mural bike racks are in Downtown Atlanta and on the Westside. I will take you past a few of them on future tours — including an upcoming one about stadiums! I absolutely love discovering art while Traveling at the Speed of Bike (see my hashtag #ArtOfBikeRiding on Instagram and Twitter) and I include a small sample of it on any tour of mine where you will encounter it. If you specifically enjoy public murals and other street art, check out my other tours on Ride Spot: "Women on the Walls"; "Tiny Doors to Tony Doors"; "Downtown Decatur"; and "Most Diverse Square Mile in the USA" (Clarkston, GA).
"Conduits" by Sanithna phansavanh
"On Your Wheel" by Terri Dilling
"Cycledellic" by Hadley Breckenridge
"The Wheels Are Melty Like Cheesy" by BlackCatTips (Kyle Brooks)
More BlackCatTips art inside Fellini's Pizza
Had to get a slice!
"Nintai ryoku & Kiwotsukete" by Danny Abyss
Another view!
"Eyes on Atlanta" by King Pig (in front of Outback Bicycles, where you can rent a bike and start the tour here, if desired)