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Fremont to Fay Bainbridge

Seattle, Washington , United States
August 29, 2020
22 mi




ft elev +


This is a classic Seattle bike camping quick overnight ride. This ride takes you from Fremont through downtown Seattle, onto the Bainbridge Ferry and then a leisurely 7 mile pedal to camp. This route has stops at a bakery and brewery on the way to camp, which can easily be skipped for less miles. 

Waiting at the Seattle Ferry Terminal
Riding a bike onto the ferry is a must-do! It’s an exciting way to do this uniquely Washington experience! The attendants will direct you where to go and where to put your bike. 

Once you arrive in Bainbridge, it’s a quick, steep climb out of the ferry dock, but quickly levels out to a more rolling surface.

If you’re doing this as a camping route, I recommend making a stop in Winslow (follow the route) and getting provisions at the grocery store or bakeries in town. 
Blackbird Bakery makes great pastries and breads
Back on the route, you’ll ride for another 3ish miles before another stop, this time at Bainbridge Island Brewing. I love to stop and have a pint or pick up a beverage for the campsite. 

Bainbridge Island Brewing
Can’t beat roads like these
After the brewery, you’ve got 3 quick miles on the highway before returning to rural roads. It’s a 2 lane road with a wide shoulder that is very comfortable for bikes to ride on. Use caution and ride single file.

A couple miles in you’ll go past “Frog Rock” and you’re just about there! You’ve got one quick, steep climb left and then you’ve made it! 
Frog Rock
There are 4 first come, first served hiker/biker sites
Wide shoulders on the highway




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