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Ambassador H3C's "Homewood at a Glance" Ride

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania , United States
2.2 mi




ft elev +


This route is an easy route for those that have not been on a bike in a while and are looking for exercise outside of the home that can be done at an easy pace. It is a level paved route for seniors as well as Gen X and Millennials. H3C has created a “MilliBoom” route that the entire family can enjoy while staying at a safe distance and practicing mask covering. This route starts at a well-known intersection in the Homewood/North Point Breeze area along Dallas and Hamilton Avenues. The bike station is conveniently located next to a Port Authority bus stop (71 Hamilton or 77 Penn Hills) with a covered shelter. You can easily hop on public transportation and start your ride. This is an interesting route, and this Homewood corridor offers plenty of landmarks and stops along the way. Immediately leaving the bike station and continuing along Hamilton Avenue is the Human Animal Rescue center.
Within a few blocks along Hamilton Avenue is the Homewood – Carnegie Library. Currently not open to the public but offering curb side assistance.
Other points of interest are the African American Music Institute and the Alma Illery Medical Center. If your looking for a cup of coffee or cold smoothy beverage visit the Everyday Café located on Homewood Avenue. Hamilton Avenue also is the location of the Pittsburgh Bureau First Station #17.
One block further and you can visit the ARThouse a must see by Vanessa German. If your up to having BBQ visit Dream BBQ at the corner of Hamilton and Braddock Avenues.
As you turn right onto Braddock Avenue ride along several blocks to see other treasures that may catch your eye. Club Elevation (Fitness Center) on North Braddock Avenue
Turn right onto Meade Street pass the East End Food Co-op. To a right turn onto N Lexington St. where wonderful finds at the Construction Junction, a large, non-profit warehouse supplying surplus construction materials & appliances at reduced prices, and the Free Ride bike warehouse where bike creation can reach unknown limits.
Continuing to Thomas Blvd past Westinghouse Park to Dallas Avenue and returning to the bike station.