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Weekend Morning Coffee Ride

Austin, Texas , United States
7.3 mi




ft elev +


Park (or better yet, ride) to Mueller Lake Park and take a short ride through East Austin and along the Boggy Creek Trail for some coffee sold out of remodeled 1952 Spartan trailer at Flitch. 
Boggy Creek Trail is located in Southeast Austin. This trail is part of the Red Line and the Eastlink trail systems, providing key connections to downtown, parks, transit, and major attractions.
The trail has sections of dual-track, allowing for a separation of cyclists and walkers.
Bridge over Boggy Creek headed toward the Boggy Creek Greenbelt. Look to your left after crossing the bridge to see the Pillars Project.
Artists from the communities along the trail create a shared mural to reflect the area's history and dreams for the future. The Pillars Project is commissioned in partnership with the City of Austin, Austin Parks Foundation and Mueller Foundation. The Pillars Project was produced and curated by Public City in collaboration with Raasin in The Sun. This project is commissioned in partnership with the City of Austin, Austin Parks Foundation, and Mueller Foundation.
Boggy Creek Greenbelt Trail is a 1.7-mile lightly-trafficked trail offering scenic views and is good for all skill levels.
Find a hidden pavilion and picnic tables along the trail.
There are small sections of crushed granite, less than 1/2 mile. It is well-groomed, so have faith in your tires.
Shady and scenic with plenty of spots for picnics.
Discover sculptures along the way.
Flitch Coffee is a specialty coffee shop operating out of a remodeled 1952 Spartan trailer. They work with local and national roasters to bring a variety of coffees to their menu. They also work with local bakers, retailers, vendors, and farms to bring quality products to their customers. Their breakfast tacos are a great mid ride snack!
This is Jake, the official greeter at Flitch. Sometimes he falls asleep on the job. Please kindly step around him.
This is a great stop for coffee, tea (hot or cold) and a snack. There is ample bike parking and outdoor seating.
Take the trail back to Mueller, jump on the Light Rail to explore another part of town, or go wherever your heart desires.