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Pure Turmeric Bliss

Chattanooga, Tennessee , United States
July 30, 2020
9.2 mi




ft elev +


Coffee and bikes are two of my favorite things in life. So, when you combine the two – along with great company – it's pure bliss. The regularity and attendance of the coffee ride here in Chattanooga, Tennessee, varies. But the basic concept is simple. Meet up early in the morning, ride to a scenic spot around town, brew coffee together. This particular ride was my buddy Ry's idea. Our friend Brooks and I were happy to join him.

It's a fantastic way to start the day. Before the onslaught of emails, meetings, errands, and the like, you get to slow down and gather with friends in a simple shared experience. For me, it also reminds me how much I love the place I live. Chattanooga is an awesome little city or big town, depending on how you look at it. The Tennessee River hugs the downtown district while Lookout and Signal Mountain stand watch over the city. Whether you love paddling, hiking, running, biking, or just enjoy being outdoors. Chattanooga has plenty to offer.

The coffee rides are meant to be as inclusive as possible. The unofficial motto is "All bikes and all people are welcome." Feel free to show up on a mountain bike, commuter, road bike, or e-bike. Sometimes, folks will even use the bike share to tag along.  The routes are always under 10 miles and the pace is very chill, so that no one feels intimidated. If you have brewing equipment feel free to bring it, but if not, there's usually someone who can help heat water and lend you an Aeropress. Often times, Velo Coffee, a local roaster will even supply the beans free of charge.

However, this ride was BYOBeans and I forgot to bring some. Brooks has actually been cutting back on caffeine so he was drinking tea this morning, and Ry only brought enough coffee for one. I had my Aeropress and mug, but nothing to put in it. But thankfully, Brooks had an extra tea bag that I happily accepted just so I had something to sip on. 

So technically, this was a coffee and tea ride. Regardless of the beverage, it was a morning well spent. 
This view is why Renaissance Park is my favorite coffee ride destination.
Ry, brewing his coffee.
Thanks for the Turmeric Bliss, Brooks!
Love my new Ride Spot jersey!




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