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vRAGBRAI _ Dieter's Ride from Storm Lake to the Twin Lakes

Storm Lake, Iowa , United States
50 mi




ft elev +


We met in Storm Lake at a coffee shop, city manager Keri Navratil stopped by with her daughter on the way to the dentist, also Peter was there. Had a nice coffee and breakfast with our initial riding group.

Rode to the city of Newell and the city park there. We picked up Pat, a fellow cyclist who happened to be riding by. He was game even though he had already ridden 45 miles that morning.

Rode south to Sac City and met with Lance, the mayor, and the chamber director. We ate there and then picked up another two riders to add to the crew. 

Rode to Lytton and that was the highlight of the day. We met Marlene Glasnapp (pie maven), the fire department folks, a bunch of other people who gave us the best welcome. Pie was consumed and as with the past two towns we picked up another rider.  It was starting to feel like a scene out of Forrest Gump running down a desert highway picking up people. 

We rode to Rockwell City and met with the mayor, chamber director, police chief, other representatives there. They were just announced as the meeting town on Monday of next year's ride. 

Instead of stopping in Rockwell City as planned, we collectively decided - now with our much larger group - to keep riding north to Twin Lakes and to a riders brothers place that is right on the lake. That is where we finished and enjoyed a beverage or two, sharing stories. 

One great day.
Marlene Glasnapp, Lytton's Pie maven, overseeing the pie riders will enjoy as they arrive in Lytton.
Lytton, Iowa the self-proclaimed pie capital of Iowa will be a featured pass thru town in 2021. The pie is good. Real good. But the hospitality and people are even better. Can't wait to go back.
World's largest popcorn ball in Sac City, Iowa. RAGBRAI XLVIII will be rolling through here on our way from Storm Lake to Fort Dodge next year.
Welcome sign in Lytton.