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Medora ND - Mixed Surface (Paved/Gravel)

Medora, North Dakota , United States
36 mi




ft elev +


This route starts in Medora North Dakota adjacent to the South Unit of Teddy Roosevelt National Park. The route is mixed surface to allow riding right from town to the route. The interstate and Little Missouri River get in the way of getting to some gravel routes West of Medora (hop in the car). The route starts in Medora and heads right to the National Park entrance (pass required). Go early before the traffic heats up. Monday-Thursday early morning rides would be best. This is one of the least visited National Parks, but RVs and lack of shoulders make the timing of your ride important. The second half of the route has a gravel loop of 12 miles. You'll return the way you came via the National Park road as part of the scenic route was closed off at the time of this ride (after the Badlands Overlook). A great ride with tons of climbing.