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Century Ride - Oxnard & Santa Barbara, CA

Oxnard, California , United States
104 mi




ft elev +


This is an excellent route for someone who wants to do their first century ride in California. 

We started the trip from Pacifica High School in Oxnard. The ride starts off mellow from Oxnard to Ventura and then a gradual climb to Lake Casitas. It was overcast when we rode, but the view of Lake Casitas was still beautiful when we finally reached the top of the hill. Our original plan was to do the Lake Casitas loop, but we decided to go all the way to Santa Barbara instead. The rolling hills on Hwy 150 made for interesting climbs and fast descents that connects to Hwy 192. Instead of staying on Hwy 192 all the way, we decided to do a little more climbing. The Toro segment, which is still a part of Hwy 192 to Ladera Lane, is a climb that will get your legs burning. You are at about mile 45 from the starting point by the time you start this climb. It is about a three-mile climb with an average of 6% grade that gets up to about 932 feet vert. The Ladera Lane climb is when it gets steeper and tougher. It is 0.9-mile length, with an average of 11% grade.

We got back on Hwy 192 and decided to make a left turn on N Ontare Rd, and made left again on State St. From there, we decided to go look for a Taco shop, and we found La Super-Rica Taqueria on N Milpas St. Bring cash as they don’t accept cards. I had to ride my bike back for a couple of miles around the block to Chase Bank to get some cash. The carne asada and al pastor tacos are super delicious with their homemade tortillas and salsa. It is by far one of the best tacos I’ve had. 

The beautiful Santa Barbara Pier, or Stearns Wharf Pier, is only a couple miles away. It’s worth visiting. They allow bicycles on the pier. Keep in mind that it gets pretty crowded. The ride back to Oxnard is reasonably easy as it is mostly flat, but it still 40 miles out. All in all, the road conditions are in great shape. Hwy 150 and Hwy 192 don’t have specific bike lanes on the shoulders but are very popular with cyclists. Fitness-wise, you should be an intermediate-to-strong rider to complete this route and plan an all-day riding. Do bring cash (or card), as I mentioned, and do use your bike tail-light for safety precaution. This is my first century ride, and I recommend this route. 

-Randy Barcena PEARL iZUMi Crew