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Scout Lake Ramble

Sisters, Oregon , United States
50 mi




ft elev +


This scenic gravel loop begins and ends at Angeline's Bakery in the sleepy little Wild West town of Sisters, Oregon. 

It's comprised of approximately 80% unpaved roads, with maybe eight sections of 1-5 miles of paved roads sprinkled throughout. You can easily alter start and endpoints to fit with any number of different Oregon State campgrounds around the region. After a moderate climb up and over the lower Western flanks of Black Butte, you'll notice a transition from the arid High Desert scrubland to temperate forest more typical of Western Oregon. You can choose to pull off the route and view the spectacular headwaters of the Metolius River (a full-blown river that emerges from beneath Black Butte at 50,000gpm) south of Camp Sherman. After passing through the riverside village of Camp Sherman, where there is a store for snacks/drinks, if needed, this route climbs up a straight gravel forest road through the Ponderosa Pines until a sharp left turn onto Highway 20. For just over 100 yards, be sure to stay single-file and alert on this busy state highway before turning right off into the Suttle Lake Resort. Here, on the lake's eastern shore, there's a sprawling lawn with handmade wooden chairs and take-out service from the bar, serving hot eats and drinks. 

After a quick pause at the lake, this route begins a longer climb towards Scout Lake, turning to gravel again for the last 500 feet of climbing action. After cresting here, a nice descent awaits, but be aware that it is short-lived. A quick right-hander onto a flatter road through the woods offers excellent views of Black Butte and much rougher terrain for a mile or so. As you finally turn out towards the Black Butte Ranch neighborhood's paved road, there's only one more stiff climb up the side of Fivemile Butte remaining before a gentle descent back into Sisters on good cinder and gravel. Don't forget to stop by Angeline's for a giant cookie or bagel sandwich afterward as a reward for all the pedaling!

-Dillon Caldwell PEARL iZUMi Crew