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Black History Bike Ride Challenge
8.9 mi
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485.6 ft
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To promote the launch of our new website,, and raise money for our mission, we are hosting a month-long route challenge along the original Black History Bike Ride Route. We invite you to join and complete the route between Feb 1st and Feb 28th to help us raise awareness and raise funds for Black History Bike Ride. Our goal is to have 500 riders complete the route in February. If we can achieve our goal of 500 route completions we will receive a generous donation from SRAM that will enable us to improve BHBR in Austin and create similar routes in other cities.
Our mission at BHBR is to present BIPOC history to the masses through fun adventures on a bike. Together we can create a more informed community and go on some great bike rides. The first Black History Bike Ride occurred on June 14th in Austin TX, with over 400 riders that attended after Talib’s social media posts went viral. Due to Covid 19 concerns, we are not holding any large rides until it is deemed safe, so this Challenge is our way of encouraging you all to ride the route this month. Thanks to the generosity of our Austin community, we have gathered donations to make the website and begin promoting the experience. Our hope is to bring this resource to more cities outside of Austin, so help us hit our goal!
HOW TO PARTICIPATE Please tap "Join" on this Challenge and then tap "Share" to post a link on social media or send then link to your friends. When you're ready to ride, open the Ride Spot app and go to My Rides>Routes to find the route and tap "Start" to begin navigating and tracking your ride. When you complete the route, be sure to hit Stop and then "Save" to have your ride counted towards our goal. Please consider posting your ride or some photos to social media and include these tags: @blackhistorybikeride, @ride_spot and #blackhistorybikerideatx. Thank you! If you track your ride using Ride Spot, it will automatically be counted as a completion. If you choose to track your ride using another platform, please send a link and/or pictures from your ride to to contribute your ride.
LIST OF HISTORICAL SITES IN ORDER: 1. Texas African American History Memorial at the Capitol (11th and Congress) 2. Clarksville: The Haskell House (1705 Waterson Ave) 3. Clarksville: Sweethome Baptist Church (1712 W 11th St) 4. Wheatville: The Jacob Fontaine/Gold Dollar Building (2402 San Gabriel) 5. UT: Barbara Jordan Statue (307 W. 24th St) 6. UT: MLK Statue (In front of Jackson Geoscience Building) 7. Oakwood Cemetery, Section 4 (aka the Colored Section) (1601 Navasota St) 8. Colored Teachers State Association Building (1191 Navasota) 9. George Washington Carver Library (1165 Angelina St) 10. Richard Overton’s home (2011 Hamilton) 11. Huston Tillotson University (900 Chicon) 12. The Victory Grill (1104 East 11th St)

Start date
Jan 31, 2021
End date
Mar 30, 2021
Days remaining

Ride the route before Feb 28th to help us raise $5000 for our mission.
When you complete the Challenge, instructions will be provided on how to redeem your reward.