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Queenstown and Centreville Maryland Lollipop

Queenstown, Maryland , United States
31 mi




ft elev +


What I love about this ride is the lack of traffic since it’s all backroads riding. There are horse farms, a beach, and if you’re lucky you might see a couple Bald Eagles that live in the area. If you need nutrition, hydration or other supplies, there is a convenience store close to the start/finish, but not much on the actual loop so stock up. The roads are mostly tar and chip, but well broken in so you don’t need a gravel bike and carbon rims are no problem. It’s an out and back with a loop in the middle, or make it a double-loop for some more miles.  

There are no traffic lights on this ride and only a couple of stop signs. This ride is very flat, so you can either whip up the speed or really sit in and enjoy the ride. I like to get my TT practice in on this route. There is a parking lot where you can set up at the start and it’s pretty empty on weekends. Maybe I'll see you out on the route! 

- Dana Dobbs PEARL iZUMi Crew