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Fat Tire Tour of Milwaukee 2020

Milwaukee, Wisconsin , United States
16 mi




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It is the distant future. The year is 2020. You were promised flying cars and hovering skateboards....but instead you got a global zombie virus with a side of "murder hornet". Time to make the best of it. We have learned many things about the zombie virus. The most important is a natural immunity was discovered in the elixir of life... the amazing healing power of beer. Also, that you can just barely out run them on bikes. Before heading out stock up on your hydration capsule of choice. Hope you are ready for this!
The 2020 route for the first time ever is multi-directional. You choose the direction. Head to the lake right away for a possible lunch hangout, or save the lake side cruise for the end.
Add some extra fun to your day with this photo challenge. Find all these spots along the route and take a picture with you and/or your ride group. Please share your pics in a single post to the Fat Tire Tour facebook event using the hashtag #fttm2020photocontest for a chance to win a free entry for 2021.
Strike a pose! You can do better than this statue. Show us how you would want to be frozen in time forever.
The world could use more of this. So pose next to it in an effort to spread it.
It's a great view already. Make it better with you in it selfie style.
It's a great homage to the Milwaukee roads. How would you look if you were part of the construction crew.
They say the road goes on forever and the party never ends....but this trail definitely ends. If you find it you are just slightly off course. But also earned yourself some bonus points in the photo challenge.
Nothing shocking here....other then the stadium is quiet and empty. Add some life to it in your photo.
This magnificent factory pumps out millions of gallons of zombie attacking fluid every year. Better have one while taking a selfie.
These communication dishes were vital in sharing information around the world on how to combat the zombie virus.
If only this could be filled with beer and poured into your mouth. Take a creative pic showing what that would look like.
You know you want to ride this! So do it. And prove it with a picture.
These special wood poles create natural zombie repelling vibrations. Stand in the middle and feel the vibration. And show us your best dance pose.
One of the most important street bumps in the whole city. Better get a picture with it.
If only we all had one of these in our basement....collecting dust. Time to pump some iron...using a position you never have before. And take a pic of it.
Time for the smallest bike derby ever in FTTM history. Show us you "mini derby" pic.

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Start date

Wednesday, June 10, 2020

End date

Tuesday, June 30, 2020

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Challenge award

Congrats! By completing this route (and also registering for the event: ) You have officially completed the 2020 Fat Tire Tour of a "socially distant way". You have earned yourself the 2020 SWAG bag and a chance to win the Wheel & Sprocket $500 shopping spree. We hope you share/post your personal FTTM experience with us on Facebook or Instagram. Any questions reach out to us at: