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Downtown Art Ride

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania , United States
1.6 mi




ft elev +


Check out some of Downtown's amazing public art by bike! We recommend starting at the 10th St & Penn Ave Healthy Ride station, and cruising down the Penn Ave bike lane. Along the way you'll see two amazing spaces filled with public art. 
As you approach the intersection of Penn Ave & 7th St, look to your right, or better yet, dismount and walk over to the parklet and enjoy some of the majestic vibes of being amongst the permanent magnolia trees. Meander right across the street to enjoy some surrealist vibes at the Agnes R. Katz Plaza. Take a breather and sit on one of the Pittsburgh iconic eye benches and enjoy the serenity of the fountain. It's truly a magical intersection!
Now that we've enjoyed a couple of popular Pittsburgh destinations, continue on the Penn Ave bike lane down to Stanwix Street to Pipe Dream IV, aka "The Paperclip". We recommend turning left onto Stanwix St and dismounting at Gateway Plaza to truly pause and appreciate the sculpture that lives atop a median between Penn Ave & Liberty Ave. 
Now make your way to Market Square - we've recommended going through PPG Place and walking into the square, but you can also walk into the square directly from Stanwix St & Forbes Ave too. There's often temporary art activations in Market Square, but it's also generally just a fun spot to try your balance riding on the cobblestone street and maybe stopping at a local eatery. 
From here, make your way back to the Penn Ave bike lane by taking a left on Forbes and a right on Penn. Follow this back to Tito Way and make a right to find the Cell Phone Disco! Get a good dance in before making our way across Liberty Ave to Strawberry Way, a pedestrian and cyclist friendly street with public art incorporated throughout. 
For you last stretch, make a left on Smithfield St or Montour Way, then make a left on Seventh St, and cross over Liberty Ave one last time to Garrison Place. The Garrison Canal installation is enjoyed best at night, but is fun to ride under at all times. Snag some photos before heading back to Penn Ave, and the Healthy Ride station where you likely started at 10th St. 
Now take a moment to feel all the good feels - you got active AND experienced art and culture in Downtown Pittsburgh!