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#ridetenthousand 2020

Pearl City, Illinois , United States
99 mi




ft elev +


Unlike previous years the route does NOT start from the bike shop in Freeport.   The route starts in Pearl City at Joe Westwood Park 331 W. South St. There is a nice big safe parking lot with bathrooms, but whether or not they are open is questionable.  There is a gas station in Pearl City if you need any last minute road foods items.
The climbing starts right away.  You hit the classics like Krise Rd and Morseville as you work your way to Hanover.  The gas station in Hanover at around mile 35 has your typical gas station necessities.  
The second leg of the ride takes you north and east to Stockton.  The Rodden Rd / Headquarter Rd area is quite grueling but offers up some of the best views.  Once in Stockton there are plenty of places to refuel, but Casey's is a crowd favorite so we made the route go right by the Casey's.   
The last leg back we take you through our favorite areas in the Loran Valley.  The tree lined roads and long views are really spectacular!   Once you hit the Slurp and Burp you're on the home stretch to Pearl City.
The course is unbelievably tough.  Highly recommend at least 3 water bottles and plenty of calories.  So many steep climbs and gnarly descents, it's critical you have the proper equipment, This is not a route you can willy nilly through.  
Take lots of pictures, have fun, and be safe!
Once you've completed the route write a cool story about your adventure  here on Ride Spot, we really want to hear about it and we might just have a prize for best story!  Just to double verify, send some confirmation of your ride to
We're totally stoked you are giving this a go  and because of your awesomeness we are going to randomly draw for some really sick prizes in both a men's and women's category.  Remember, we don't care how fast you are or how quickly you get it done, there's no extra prize for that. 

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Start date

Thursday, May 14, 2020

End date

Monday, June 22, 2020

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