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Acequia and River Cruise

Santa Fe, New Mexico , United States
April 10, 2020
9.2 mi




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Sponsored by the Santa Fe Conservation Trust with support of the City of Santa Fe and the Railyard Park Conservancy.  Take the self-guided Earth Day Acequia and River Cruise any time in the second half of April 2020, on your own time!  Honor Mother Earth by tricking out your bike, trike, scooter, skateboard, horse, or self to represent a natural species of animal or plant of your choice.  Use the course of the life-giving waterways of the Acequia Madre and the Santa Fe River to connect the full distance between the Railyard and Meow Wolf, or just hop on part of the route at any point you wish. 
Please practice safe hygiene including appropriate social distancing with other trail users.  
Here are some photos following the course of the route from Earth Day Cruises since 2017 and Community Cruises since 2010.  Yep, some of the photos predate some of the lovely bridges and tunnels we enjoy today!  The scenes are a lot more crowded, too.  But by riding on our own in the course of April, we are riding together in the name of a healthy planet!   
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Start off from the Railyard Park Community Room down the Rail Trail (Earth Day 2018)
Arrive at Acequia Trail by the Caboose (Community Cruise 2015)
Come through Acequia Trail Underpass (Rail History Cruise / Railyard Park Celebration 2018)
Come up out of the Tunnel (Earth Day 2018)
This part of the Acequia Trail is the former New Mexico Central Railway (1903-26) (Earth Day 2019)
Onate and Kathryn now have Bridges to the Acequia Trail! (Earth Day 2017)
Potencia St and Montano St are part of the Acequia Trail's route (Community Cruise 2010)
After the back of Ashbaugh Park you come out on to Otowi Dr. (Earth Day 2017)
From the other end of Otowi, follow this fun little dirt connection to Maclovia Park (Earth Day 2017)
A couple of blocks of bike lanes on Cerrillos Rd. from Maez to Harrison help us connect the Acequia Trail to Rufina St. (Earth Day 2017)
Meow Wolf on Rufina Circle has been the start, halfway point, or end of several Acequia and River Cruises (Earth Day 2019)
Over the River, and the River Trail, via Siler Rd. Bridge (find dog in photo)(Earth Day 2019)
Head up the newest piece of River Trail to Frenchy's Field (Earth Day 2019)
Continue up the Santa Fe River Greenway above Frenchy's Field (Earth Day 2017)
The trail narrows approaching Ave C. Colon (Community Cruise 2010)
Check out the murals on the way to Griego Park (Tour de Mural 2016)
Come through Alto Park (Earth Day 2018)
St. Francis Dr. Crossing - No problem, it's Signalized! (But if you're going to press the button, Practice Safe Hygiene!!! (Earth Day 2017)
Enjoy the River Trail, or the road, along W Alameda to Defouri St. (Earth Day 2018)
Return to the railyard via Defouri and Market St. (Community Cruise 2013)




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