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A Gallop in The Wild West

Kamas, Utah , United States
March 31, 2020
20 mi




ft elev +


I'm a long way from the streets of Newark, New Jersey where I grew up and my father operated his neighborhood bodega. So much has changed since then with the exception of one thing -  my overwhelming urge to roam, to feel free. In my younger years, I dreamed of living out west and even idolized Clint Eastwood's "Outlaw Jose Wales" but the west always seemed so distant and out of reach but alas, here I am.. Living the dream. This is one of my go to rides on the quiet roads of the Kamas Valley. You'll understand quickly by the photos why I am so enamored by the wild, wild west. Enjoy.

So many horses along this route. Some are permanent fixtures while others make the rounds across the valley.
You haven't ridden in Kamas if you don't cross paths with an ATV, side by slide or the ever popular, two stroke dirt bike.
If you're a fan of Yellowstone the series, this is where the opening scene of the first season was filmed. It's a beautiful winding road with spectacular views.
Cue the deer!
The only significant hill on the ride. It is steep and just long enough to sting the legs into soft pedaling at the top.
The reward is this breathtaking view of the Wasatch Back. Home of Deer Valley, Park City Mountain Resort and Canyon Ski resort. The scenic road below will drop you right into the Heber Valley.
unattended bread truck? OK, sure. I'll bite.
Sign of the times and an example of what's good in a world that sometimes feels off the rails.
They take Venmo so I grabbed a loaf.
A great view of the Kamas Valley.
When the winters are long and the summers are deemed winter prep, you have to have a sense of humor.
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