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All American Section 1 to Crystal Bridges North Entrance - 3 & 4 Paw

Bentonville, Arkansas , United States
0.9 mi




ft elev +


A great route for all ability levels and ages! Take your family on a paved (or dirt) art adventure! Park anywhere near the Bentonville Square or Compton Gardens. Look for the Oz Trail "Welcome to Slaughter Pen" sign if you want to take the dirt, or hop on the paved trail next to it if you want to stay on the tarmac. If you are riding on the dirt, make sure your family is prepared to ride some medium difficulty flagstone berms. 
Enjoy the sculptures and art all along the trail, and stop to take in James Turrell's Skyspace "The Way of Color." (A rock dome off the path to the right of the first bridge.)
Once you're down the path, the Fly's Eye is to the right, along with an entrance to Crystal Bridges. Or stay and watch the daredevil's session the jumps at the bottom by the road.
James Turrell's Skyspace
Fly's Eye Dome