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Denver Fashion Week - Avant-Garde Night!

Denver, Colorado , United States
4.2 mi




ft elev +


By Isaac Novak

Today was the day! PeopleForBikes' debut at Denver Fashion Week - specifically the Avant-Garde Show. This night would showcase Denver’s top stylists and incredible designers collaborating together to create runway looks full of big hair pieces, wild makeup,  and "avant-garde" garments that would "push the boundaries, defy the rules and turn the fashion world on its head." 
Adding a chic sneaker - like this platform Nike Airforce 1 - to a formal look can elevate your 'fit as well as allow for comfort while pedaling.
We started in the RiNo Art District and zig zagged through the streets, stopping ever so often to take some fit pics. 
Can't have a photoshoot without a few hair flips!
Pedaling around, we discovered Zeppelin Station - a large food hall home to six globally inspired restaurants, a coffee shop, and a cocktail bar - and decided to grab  a couple of cocktails and a bite to eat!
Getting that golden hour glow!
After taking a few more 'fit pics, we made our way to the Forney Museum of Transportation - tonight's venue for Denver Fashion Week's 2019 Avant-Garde Show. 
Isaac (me) - Styled in a pair of Doc Martens 1460 Alt boots, leopard print meggings, a leopard print linen button down, a black cotton turtleneck, a plum velvet tang jacket, and topped off with a black felt wide brim cordovan style hat.
In terms of the functionality of the fit on the bike, the Doc Martens' 1460 boots were stable and comfortable, the tight and stretchy leopard print pants allowed for easy mobility on the bike without having to worry about getting a pant leg stuck in the chain, the turtleneck was a nice warm undershirt, and the velvet jacket added another layer for warmth as well as flare to the whole look. I brought the hat along as my hair gets all out of sorts in the wind and under a helmet, plus I think it helped complete the look.  - Isaac
Alyssa - Styled in a pair of Nike nude-colored platform Airforce 1 sneakers, green velvet pants, a ruffled blouse, and a tan gingham patterned blazer.
Everyone was showing up in style!
We had the opportunity to go back stage and get a behind the scenes look at the styling, makeup, and hair-do prep that goes into each runway look. 
Talking with some of the makeup artists and hair stylists, we learned that the final looks took months of preparation - from talking with the designers they were collaborating with to crafting the hair and intricate head pieces!
A few of our favorite looks from the night!
Heading into the little press alcove, we took our spots and watched as 8 different designers and their collaborating hair/beautician salons presented their looks on the runway. From Grace Jones inspired gothic fits of Beauty Underground x Tyne Hall to the burlesque-style look and choreography of Charlie Price x Femme Fatale Intimates, each pair brought a unique and inspiring presence to the runway. 

Overall, we had a fantastic night and look forward to attending more shows next year!