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Sac River Technical Route 10 Mile MTB

Springfield, Missouri , United States
10 mi




ft elev +


This course will guide you through the many twists and turns that Sac River is famous for!  It will start you at the pavilion heading west toward the treatment plant, but will quickly take you up the technical climbs of the West Blue Loop.  After you reach the top you will play in the middle section, known as the Green Loop, ripping down CutSac Alley and over to the No Brake Challenge.  Heading toward the Yellow Trail, you will pass the infamous Silo and play around in the Waterfall/Blue Knuckles section.  Coming back down through the Yellow Trail, you will speed in to Deer Valley, ending with a loop around the Red Trail and Bat Cave, only to head back to the pavilion after crossing the Dam Section.  Don't worry, if it sounds confusing, it is!  It only takes locals about five years to get to know this twisted maze of a trail.  

The local mountain bike club, Missouri Off-Road Cyclists, has turned this swampy wet piece of land into the year round trail system it is today.