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PFB to Diaz Tacos!

Boulder, Colorado , United States
7.1 mi




ft elev +


At PeopleForBikes there are two things we crave: fun bike adventures and tacos. So when our graphic designer, Alex “Butters” Butterbrodt, learned of a nearby farm to table food truck with renowned and highly acclaimed tacos, it wasn’t long before we scheduled an afternoon Tuesday ride to get a taste of these tacos for ourselves.
Our destination was the Diaz Farm, and using Ride Spot’s route builder tool, we easily mapped and navigated our way from our office using only bike paths and shared lanes.
Smiles and salivation as we neared our destination. 
Finally, “Welcome to Diaz Farm.” A 1.5-acre urban farm run by Pepe and Veronica Diaz, the Tierra y Fuego Taqueria food truck has made this plot a hot spot for taco hungry locals in search of delicious authentic Mexican cuisine. 
*It is estimated that the Diaz “Taco” Farm - as many like to call it - sells about 600 tacos per day at their food truck.*
Pepe and Veronica use locally sourced fresh nixtamal masa from Longmont’s Las Americas Tortilleria to create hand pressed tortillas that are slightly thicker than normal with a texture and flavor that have been regarded as superior to a vast majority of taquerias in the Front Range.
All of the veggies found in your taco come fresh from the Diaz Farm!
A cold cup of Cucumber Lemonade and a bottle of kombucha and Coke helped to quench our thirst on this hot Colorado summer day.
The avocado salsa on the carnitas taco is a favorite among the PeopleForBikes crew!
As tacos are stuffed in faces and laughs are being shared, we planned future afternoon foodie adventures.
With tummies full of tacos, we headed back to the office to finish off our day of work. Fun times at the Diaz Farm and future visits back for Taco Tuesday are already in order.