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Just a taste of the Deep Creek Mountains

Wendover, Utah , United States
April 4, 2017
6.4 mi




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Utah is a very diverse place (in some ways ;-) ). People spend a lifetime exploring the various corners of the state and can still find a type of trail that is completely different than every other "desert" ride they've done.  The far west end of the Great Basin is likely one of the last corners anyone would be motivated to explore. It's a long drive, down a bumpy road, and the views stay pretty much the same for a long time. BUT if you find yourself out there, make the most of it and do a little exploring.

Amy, Sasha (the pup) and I decided to get away from it all and spend a night at the CCC Campground near Callao, UT. We then stumbled across the dirt road up Indian Farm Canyon and were treated to YET ANOTHER type of Utah riding. I don't think the road goes all the way up the canyon to the 12,000+' peaks, but it's a pretty nice ride and there are endless gravel roads to ride in the area. You can also hop on the nearby Pony Express road and extend your ride.
The view back east to the CCC Campground and then across the Great Basin.
The view west in to the Deep Creek Mountains.
I took a few more pics, but am not able to upload them now. You'll have to go take your own ;-)




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