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2019 Race 2 - Spring Hill

Barling, Arkansas , United States
3.6 mi




ft elev +


The fourth race of the 2019 Arkansas NICA Season will take place at Spring Hill Trail in Barling, Arkansas.  The course starts right along the Arkansas River and alternates going through open space and forested areas along the banks of the river. It's perfect for the first race of the season.  Fun for the whole family!

Spring Hill is a really fast hardpack course with very little climbing. Since Spring Hill is so close to the water, lots of maintenance is required to keep the trails in good condition. Make sure you only pre-ride when the trails are dry, and if you see someone from Frontier OORC, make sure to thank them for the work they do to keep the trails in great condition.
Family Friendly!
Family Friendly!
Family Friendly!