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B.W. Challenge #3 - Lake Monona Loop

Madison, Wisconsin , United States
16 mi




ft elev +


For Bike Week 2019, we've partnered with a number of local businesses to inspire riders to get out on their bikes. This Challenge is sponsored by Cafe Domestique, who is offering a free iced latte or free espresso to everyone who rides around Lake Monona during Bike Week. 
To participate, click the "Join" button and ride the route between 6/1 and 6/8, tracking your ride using the Ride Spot app. When you've completed the route, save your ride on the app and you'll receive an email and notification confirming your completion. Show the email or your completed ride on the app to the fine folks at Cafe Domestique to redeem your delicious prize. 

Challenge details

Start date

Saturday, June 1, 2019

End date

Saturday, June 8, 2019

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Challenge award

Get a free hit of espresso or an iced latte! Visit Cafe Domestique at 1408 Williamson when you've finished your Lake Monona Loop! Offer expires July 1st.